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Bratara de aur Lunasol de la Curandera
Bratara de aur Lunasol de la Curandera
Bratara de aur Lunasol de la Curandera
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LUNASOL. Gold bracelet

4.000,00 lei
Taxe incluse.

Lunasol Gold Bracelet

LUNASOL's most representative piece, based on the story below. 

As the Full Moon and the Sun are making love, their Kundalini energy blends and travels symbolically back and forth through all their chakras, merging in their crown chakras. It is from there that this energy rises and goes back towards the Divinity.

The symbol of the Moon is a disc. The alchemical symbol of the Sun is disc with a dot in the middle. This image of their heads coming together, with their symbols overlapping, is a symbol of the perfect unity of love, where the divine feminine and divine masculine are in perfect balance with each other. 

Material: 14k gold. The bracelet in the photo has the following dimensions: 5,6 cm wide x 4,5 cm tall (the void inside the metal). This is an S/M size. Please check your wrist size before placing order. If necessary, we can make it by measurement in your required size. Please note that a bigger size may generate extra costs due to the extra gold grams. 
Approx. 7,5 g (may vary slightly)

Here is the entire story based on which Curandera's "Lunasol" collection was created:

Once upon a time, the sun and the moon were lovers.

They were inseparable.

Their light was bright, and loving, falling upon all life around them, nurturing it, helping it grow, caressing and soothing, life-giving.

They danced their love through space and time and though they were two, they blended like one. But then one day, the Universe decided they must separate.

One was to shine by night, and the other, by day.

The celestial lovers obeyed. Forever apart, yet forever in love.

Their pain was so deep, the Universe decided to help.

And so, on full moon nights, when the moon’s surface is fully bathed in the light of the sun,

They make love again, through the light, and shine it lovingly upon all life around them.

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