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Two Peas In A Pod: Lunasol. Earrings. Gold / Silver.
Two Peas In A Pod: Lunasol. Earrings. Gold / Silver.
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Two Peas In A Pod: Lunasol. Earrings. Gold / Silver.

350,00 lei
Tax included.

The Sun and the Moon are making love in a pea pod, as their love shines brightly upon all life around them. 

The collection is called "Lunasol" as a symbol for the unifying power of love, through which two become one. 

Here is the whole story of the "Lunasol" collection:

"Once upon a time, the sun and the moon were lovers. They were inseparable.

 Their light was bright, and loving, falling upon all life around them, nurturing it, helping it grow, caressing and soothing, life-giving. They danced their love through space and time and though they were two, they blended like one. But then one day, the Universe decided they must separate. One was to shine by night, and the other, by day. The celestial lovers obeyed. Forever apart, yet forever in love.

 Their pain was so deep, the Universe decided to help.

And so, on full moon nights, when the moon’s surface is fully bathed in the light of the sun, they make love again, through the light, and shine it lovingly upon all life around them."


Silver: 300 lei.

Yellow Gold* (14K):  1100 lei.

Dimensions: Approx. 7cm tall x 0,7cm wide. Approx. 2g (the weight may vary slightly from item to item). 

*We can make them in rose gold or white gold for the same price as yellow gold, by request. 

Because our jewelry is produced in small series, even when an item is out of stock, we automatically receive the order for it when you place it on our website. We'll let you know that it takes longer than usual if you placed an order for an item that is out of stock and we shall deliver it when we refill our stock (it takes approximately 15 - 18 working days). 


Please avoid contact of jewelry with abrasive surfaces, chemicals, perfumes, salty water, sweat, etc. Please remove all jewelry before shower / going to sleep in order to best preserve it over time. Please store jewelry on a smooth surface and handle with care. In time, fine lines accumulate on the surface of the jewelry, which gives it patina. This is a natural process which happens as jewelry is worn. Please only clean jewelry with soft fabric especially created for this purpose, or via a professional jeweler.